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Avada 5.3 – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Here you can Download Avada 5.3 WordPress Theme Free with direct link without any shortlink services, popups etc.

Free Avada wordpress theme is the number one best-selling theme at the largest WordPress theme marketplace, ThemeForest. Since its release in August 2012, Avada has generated more than 100,000 sales — making it one of the most popular premium WordPress themes the world has ever seen!

The developers of Nuled Avada wordpress theme fall into the latter camp here, and have used their skills to create a multipurpose theme that’s in no way lacking in features, customization options, prebuilt layouts, or third-party plugin integrations.

Avada theme nulled that’s dense with settings, options, features, and even external plugins, such as LayerSlider WP and Revolution Slider. The package comes with an impressive page builder tool that includes a huge selection of prebuilt layouts to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Avada WordPress Theme Features

  • Select from 7 different header designs/layouts
  • Headers can be top, left or right positions
  • Choose what you display in the top left, top right and banner section
  • Top Sliding Widget Bar, insert any widget, 1-6 columns, various theme options
  • Includes a Sticky Header for more advanced usability, enable/disable via theme options
  • Change colors for the varying elements in the header
  • Select social icons to show in the header along with custom or brand colors, boxed or unboxed
  • Fully control the size, shape, background padding and more for social icons
  • Change the position of your logo; left, right, center
  • Insert a custom background image in the header, or custom color
  • Change all margins with ease via theme options
  • Supports up to 5th level dropdown menus
  • Many more customization options via theme options and page options

Avada has a ton of raving user reviews and real world features that give you power to build something great. We’ve highlighted some of our features below! Avada can be used for any type of website; business, corporate, portfolio, blog, products, etc. Don’t wait, download Avada wordpress theme and join the largest theme community around!

Avada theme comes with very easy to use tools to create sliders, landing pages, and customize your theme as much you need. It also comes with a page builder that you can use to create totally new layouts with unique design of your own creation.

If you’re looking for a new theme for your site, there are two options you’ve likely already heard of: The hugely popular Divi, from Elegant Themes, and Avada theme free.

Download | Demo

Avada 5.3 – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme
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Avada 5.3 WordPress Theme Changelog


NEW: 5 New Professionally Designed Demos
NEW: Fusion Builder saved elements can now be used as globals, where any edits to the global will update contents on pages where the global is used
NEW: Full screen scrolling sections with a side navigation graphic and fading animations between sections
NEW: Added 100% height option to container element
NEW: Sliding bar can be positioned on every side now (top/right/bottom/left)
NEW: Sliding bar has new toggle layouts (floating circle / rectangle / menu item) and a set of new options, like sticky sliding bar
NEW: Flyout menu is now available as additional mobile menu layout for all header versions
NEW: Added import/export functionality to Fusion Page Options for easy usage of options across different posts/pages/sites
NEW: Added set of page options to archive pages so that any archive can get individual styling (e.g. header, slider, page title bar)
NEW: Added icon options to tabs element, so icons can be displayed on any side of the tab title and with an arbitrary size
NEW: Added icon options to toggle element, so that icon alignment, size color and boxed/unboxed mode can be chosen
NEW: Added a set of coloring options to pricing table element for deeper customization and to support new designs
NEW: Added grid box background color, border color, separator style and separator color options to blog and portfolio elements
NEW: Added grid box padding options for blog and portfolio archives and Fusion Builder elements
NEW: Added full set of element and theme options to FAQ element so styling can be changed similar to toggle element
NEW: Added sticky update/save and preview buttons to pages/posts using Fusion Builder for easier updating when page is scrolled
NEW: Added Fusion Builder column options for deleting, cloning and resizing to nested columns element. Save icon cannot be added due to technical limitations
NEW: Added parent level element options to content boxes, flip boxes, counter boxes and tabs elements for easier child item editing
NEW: Revised our global sidebar setup to work more consistently with our option network
NEW: Global sidebar assignments will work on all pages that use new "default" sidebar setting, even if forced global sidebars is off
NEW: Side navigation setup (previously done via template) via the new vertical menu widget to display custom menu in sidebars and to simplify usage
NEW: Added a full set of styling and alignment options for every widget that allows incredible new design possibilities
NEW: Equal heights option is now available for blog and portfolio elements and archives in grid layout
NEW: Equal heights option is now available for WooCommerce products on shop page
NEW: Added Theme Option for choosing if WooCommerce shop page should be grid or list view by default
NEW: Added Theme Option for choosing if the grid/list view buttons should be shown on WooCommerce shop page
NEW: Added links to all user account page to the WooCommerce "My Account" main menu item
NEW: Added margin options to font awesome element, so it can be positioned arbitrarily
NEW: Added ordering options to portfolio element, so posts can be ordered by date, title, name, author, comment count, modified date, menu order or random
NEW: Added options to order slides in Fusion Slider: post id, title, creation data, last updated or random
NEW: Fusion Slider heading and caption can be set to any HTML heading tag (h1 - h6) for SEO optimization
NEW: Option for Fusion Slider to display a downward arrow indicator on the slider which scrolls smoothly to page contents below slider
NEW: Added preview images for Portfolio, FAQ and Fusion Slider post types in the dashboard list view
NEW: Added options to recent posts element that allow meta data to be enabled/disabled individually
NEW: Added a filter to Fusion Page Options so that developers can add their own tabs and use Avada specific UI
NEW: Added filters for easily changing the portfolio strings like "Project Details", "Skills Needed" etc.
NEW: Persistent object cache setups get cleared now on any kind of post manipulation to make sure changes are correctly reflected on front end
NEW: Fusion Cache clearing functionality now can auto clear Autoptimize and LiteSpeed cache
NEW: Added full set of mobile menu font typography options
NEW: Full column link in column element now has option to choose if it should open in same or new tab
NEW: Added notice about deprecation of PHP 5.2 support in Avada 6.0
NEW: Added easy link selector support for options that take links, for better UX
NEW: Added TinyMCE widget conversion for Fusion Builder elements when updating from Avada below version 5
NEW: Avada grid image sizes can now be selected in the WP Media Library for easy usage
NEW: Updated Layer Slider Plugin To Latest Version As of Release Date
NEW: Updated Slider Revolution Plugin To Latest Version As of Release Date
NEW: Added native support for Envato hosted platform for easier plug and play integration
NEW: Added new raw textarea element, so that HTML contents can be stored in elements like Google maps or tagline box
NEW: Added Content display option for blog archives and for blog element global
NEW: Added version and author information to the Add-ons featured on Fusion Builder Add-ons page
IMPROVEMENT: Retina logos are setup through srcset now and not through additional HTML markup
IMPROVEMENT: Avada's advanced responsive images now also working when using file names that are WP specific for generated thumbnails
IMPROVEMENT: Social icons widget and element now use set names for custom icons in title for a better understanding UX
IMPROVEMENT: Added a loading spinner when Fusion Caches are cleared to indicate progress
IMPROVEMENT: Fusion Cache clearing works in modules now, allowing to only clear certain parts
IMPROVEMENT: Portfolio element now displays a placeholder on mobile when Avada is used together with WP touch plugin
IMPROVEMENT: Logo margin will no longer apply on front end, if no logo is set in Theme Options
IMPROVEMENT: Removed old compatibility styles for IE8
IMPROVEMENT: Google maps custom info box content is now displayed on front end, even if custom styling is disabled
IMPROVEMENT: When using full screen Fusion Slider above header, the header is now also shown on mobiles
IMPROVEMENT: Prefixed TGM plugin class to ensure compatibility with third party plugins using same class
IMPROVEMENT: The avada-noscroll class now works for buttons in content and tagline boxes
IMPROVEMENT: All needed token options are auto checked now when using the link to token generation on the registration screen
IMPROVEMENT: Update page no longer needs reloaded after theme auto update in order for the update notice to be dismissed
IMPROVEMENT: Updated option descriptions and explanations for better UX and fixed some typos
IMPROVEMENT: Continued maintenance update to increase overall performance
IMPROVEMENT: UTF-8 encoding is now automatically done during demo import to support maximum compatibility for post contents
IMPROVEMENT: All mega menu options update live now, so dependent options no longer need a reload to show
IMPROVEMENT: Demo data is no longer deleted after import is done, but remains available, so less requests are made
IMPROVEMENT: Conversion related settings now have their own section on the system status page
IMPROVEMENT: Import of Theme Options will now also work with max_input_vars at low values
IMPROVEMENT: Consolidated all spacings, borders, background colors and separator options for blog and portfolio grid layouts for perfect matching
IMPROVEMENT: Minor styling adjustments on different admin screens for better UX
IMPROVEMENT: Implementation of blog pagination is refactored to improve performance when the amount of pages is very high
IMPROVEMENT: Added new "default" option to the separator element style setting, so theme option setting can be used easily
IMPROVEMENT: Make image meta data, like image titles, work for image elements on sites that changed URL scheme
IMPROVEMENT: Image frame element is now simply called image, which fits its purpose much better
IMPROVEMENT: Fusion Builder development mode includes more assets now unminified for easier development work
IMPROVEMENT: When grid element color is set to transparent, borders are no longer added
IMPROVEMENT: Simplified portfolio element text options for easier usage
IMPROVEMENT: Better support of WP admin color schemes inside of Avada and Fusion Builder
IMPROVEMENT: Better styling of search box in Fusion Page Options selects with a large amount of options
IMPROVEMENT: Content boxes read more links can now be used for smooth anchor scrolling
IMPROVEMENT: The WooCommerce login form in the main menu is now compatible with WP Engine security block filter
UPDATED: Flexslider script to latest version 2.6.4
UPDATED: iLightbox to the latest version 2.2.2
UPDATED: Main navigation highlight radius option now uses a dimension field for better UX
UPDATED: Better style integration for the new Events Filter Bar 4.5
UPDATED: Removed custom WooCommerce product sorting from search results page, as it is no longer supported by WooCommerce
FIXED: WCAG 2.0 issue with search in main menu not being accessible using the tab key
FIXED: WCAG 2.0 issue with secondary menu drop downs not being accessible using the tab key
FIXED: Lightbox thumbnail missing for portfolio posts that use a video URL for first featured image
FIXED: Lightbox not correctly working on mobiles in some instances, when viewing in desktop mode
FIXED: Menu cart widget being cut off through viewport when using side header when cart has a lot of items
FIXED: Removed the loading spinner on variable products on WooCommerce shop page when select options button is clicked
FIXED: Incorrect featured image from displaying when WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin is used
FIXED: Theme options export URL not working
FIXED: Direct tab links causing other tab elements on same page to be empty
FIXED: Minor WooCommerce styling issue on single product page, when stock is down to only 1
FIXED: Issue with sorting on WooCommerce shop page, where sorting direction is not always correct or requires two clicks
FIXED: Issue with WooCommerce variable product attributes falling to one line in cart when updating the cart
FIXED: Menu highlight arrow not working for the WooCommerce "My Account" main menu item
FIXED: Variation name not correctly displayed on WooCommerce checkout page for variable products
FIXED: Shipping address not being displayed on WooCommerce order received page
FIXED: WooCommerce shop page shown in breadcrumb paths on archive pages, even when post type archives are disabled in Theme Options
FIXED: Styling issue with YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Premium
FIXED: Issue with WMPL, where caption and alt tags were not translated when multiple featured images are used
FIXED: Styling issues with Events Tickets Plus forms
FIXED: YouTube background video on containers always looping, even if set to no
FIXED: Display issue with social sharing by mail when using titles with special characters
FIXED: Minor issue with form input height for the search bar in main menu when not using px as unit
FIXED: Quotation marks in contact form appearing as HTML entities
FIXED: Quantity boxes from third party plugins losing the up/down arrows
FIXED: Compatibility issue between Avada Facebook widget and Facebook Comments Plugin
FIXED: Infinite scroll for blog elements being auto triggered under some circumstances when using masonry layout
FIXED: Small inconsistency with the flyout menu icon font size
FIXED: Blog element not displaying content when masonry layout is used and set to one column
FIXED: Flip boxes not flipping correctly in latest Edge browser version
FIXED: Image sizes in image carousel element not always being correct when fixed mode is used
FIXED: Custom classes added to nested column element being doubled in HTML markup
FIXED: Navigation arrows not correctly aligned in Fusion Slider when parallax mode is used
FIXED: Amount of columns not showing in backend blog element preview
FIXED: Fusion Slider full screen non-parallax layout not always correctly positioned
FIXED: Fusion Slider compatibility issue with Polylang
FIXED: Page title bar theme option for main blog archive pages only working on main blog page
FIXED: RTL contents positioning issue in Page Title Bar
FIXED: Responsive images calculation for one column setups being underestimated
FIXED: Video resize issue when using a video element inside a container with video background
FIXED: Missing alt attributes in mega menu thumbnail images
FIXED: Menu anchor scroll not working on mobiles when JS compiler is turned off
FIXED: Smooth scroll not working correctly with portfolio filters and load more button
FIXED: Compatibility issue with plugins using same color picker instantiation function
FIXED: Issue in IE11 where sub menus where not correctly displayed when using arrow highlight option
FIXED: Page title bar vertical alignment issue in IE11 on mobiles
FIXED: Browser history state when using anchor links containing underscores
FIXED: A few PHP notices coming up in very rare cases
FIXED: Missing map marker file in Music demo
FIXED: Number of posts option in portfolio element not being able to pull global theme option value
FIXED: Featured images not being auto selected in library, when editing the image in dashboard
FIXED: Alt attribute missing for featured images, if more than one featured image is displayed
FIXED: Mobile secondary menu hamburger toggle being misaligned
FIXED: WP native video embeds overflowing content area, if viewport width becomes too small
FIXED: Fusion Builder saved elements using incorrect status variable, which can lead to plugin conflicts
FIXED: Gallery element on pages without additional content disables sticky header on load
FIXED: Image carousel element sometimes overflowing wrapping container when there is not enough space
FIXED: Equal heights for content boxes not working properly on iPad
FIXED: Content on blog medium layouts flowing into sidebar on iPad
FIXED: Fusion Builder element modals being too large on small screens, improved responsiveness
FIXED: Scrolling issue with open modals on iOS, where scrolling or closing the modal does not work
FIXED: Scrolling issue and doubled scrollbars when opening modal and smooth scroll is used
FIXED: Color picker issue that caused the icon element color theme option affect flip box element icon colors
FIXED: Equal heights option together with infinite scroll and dynamically changing post content causing display issues in portfolio element
FIXED: Issue in slider element when saving the slider after removal of all slides causes an error
FIXED: Heading typography settings not applied to all title element heading sizes under some circumstances
FIXED: Auto calculation of first and last column, when updating from Avada versions < 4.0
FIXED: LayerSlider import causing error when the LayerSlider plugin is not active
FIXED: Ads widget not being displayed correctly
FIXED: Polylang language switcher flags misaligned on mobile menu
FIXED: Menu ordering buttons not working on the admin menu edit screen
FIXED: Fusion Slider buttons not exactly left/right aligned on corresponding content layouts
FIXED: Responsive type theme option not correctly working when Fusion Slider is enabled
FIXED: Responsive type sensitivity options not working correctly when multiple sliders are on one page
FIXED: Counter circles element incorrectly set back to 100% on resize and modal open when count down is used
FIXED: Right side header in boxed mode not correctly positioned, when sticky footer is used
FIXED: Lightbox on open jumping to top of page when sticky footer is used
FIXED: Menu dropdown indicator on secondary menu on side headers being misaligned
FIXED: Side header width not correctly respected in site width calculation for responsive images
FIXED: Events Calendar filter bar date picker being below header
FIXED: Small issue Fusion Slider assignment on pages translated using WPML
FIXED: Portfolio one column buttons being to large in width when using full width buttons
FIXED: Small gap above image on Events Calendar listing page on mobile
FIXED: Shortcode generator not always correctly being triggered in editor text mode
FIXED: Mega menu horizontal divider not respecting Theme Option menu separator color setting
FIXED: Events Calendar single post sidebar styling being incorrect
FIXED: Demo import fails if WooCommerce is activated from the demo popup

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